Supplementary Fees

Departments may submit requests for Mandatory Supplemental Fees or Optional Supplemental Fees for any of their departmental courses or course sections. These fees must be set in accordance with the Province of Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions’ Tuition Fees Regulation. They must be approved by the Department Head and Associate Dean of the faculty before being submitted to the Office of the Registrar for approval. Fees must be submitted and approved annually.

Please refer to the Guiding Principles and Operating Principles for further information regarding supplemental fees; and refer to How to Submit a Supp Fee Request for instructions regarding how to submit a request for supplemental fees.

General Principles of Supplementary Fees

The following General Principles apply to all courses offered by the University of Calgary.  These principles are utilized by the University of Calgary to approve new and to revise existing supplementary course fees per the Province of Alberta Tuition and Fee Regulations.

1. Tuition fees and program fees are charged to cover the costs associated with credit instruction, which includes the following:

  • Evaluation of work/performance, which includes practicums, marking of papers, in-course assessments, and final examinations.
  • Laboratory use (including computer laboratories), laboratory assistance and supervision, laboratory materials, or supplies that remain the university’s property, if required for credit instruction.  Resources to support instruction due to the method of teaching used by the instructor. These may include but are not limited to the following: audio/visual equipment used within a classroom, models for art classes, practice rooms, films and digital media used for instructional purposes within a classroom/lab/studio setting, the printing of materials such as course outlines, notices, etc.
  • Library facilities and related basic services.
  • Computer hardware and software necessary for credit instruction provided by the University on campus.

2. Mandatory course supplementary fees are those which may be considered for special equipment, materials or services not included under Principle 1 and deemed necessary for all students for the successful completion of the course. This includes items retained by the student (e.g. lab coats, kits), field trips, field schools, etc. These fees must be cost recovery only and are submitted to the Office of the Registrar for review and approval.  Approved fees are attached to the course and assessed at the time a student registers in the course.

3. Optional supplementary fees are those which may be considered for special equipment, materials or services not included under Principle 1 and are deemed optional for students and/or are available from a variety of sources. This includes items retained by the student following the course (e.g., art supplies, laboratory coats, and reproduced materials (see guidelines below) or services that are available from a variety of vendors (e.g., large capacity printers). These fees can only be assessed on a cost recovery basis and are approved by the faculty.  Fees are collected through the faculty/department office. Fees and fee-related holds will not be applied to the student account for optional supplementary fees.

  1. All reproduced materials (print and online) must comply with the University of Calgary copyright policies. Please see Guidelines for Reproduced Materials for the most current regulations.
  2. All charges must be on a cost-recovery basis only and processed in accordance with university procedures (see financial services).

Operating Procedures

The following procedures and regulations will apply to mandatory course supplementary fees:

  1. Requests for all mandatory course supplementary fees (new, changes, renewals) must be submitted online to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline specified in the Scheduling Timelines (provide link).
  2. Approvals are for a three year period; however, requests must be submitted annually for each class section to which the fee is applied.
  3. Requests for mandatory course supplementary fees may be submitted by either a Departmental Scheduler, Department Head or Associate Dean and must be approved by the Associate Dean or Dean.
  4. Mandatory supplementary course fees cannot be submitted for Group Study programs.
  5. A budget must be included with the submission . It should include an itemized list, if applicable, of the costs and the cost to be charged per student..
  6. Approved mandatory course supplementary fees must  be described and listed in course outlines to ensure students are aware of the costs associated with a course and a note added to the Class Notes section of the registration system to indicate that there is a supplementary fee for the course.

Students are not to be charged fees beyond approved tuition and fees of the University of Calgary as a requirement for any component of a course.

  1. Create the online submission process for establishing mandatory course supplementary fees.
  2. Identify supporting documents required for mandatory course supplementary fee applications. Approved mandatory course supplementary fees will be published in the PeopleSoft student registration system.
  3. The Office of the Registrar will assess mandatory supplementary fees at the time of registration. Students can view the assessment on their Student Centre.
  4. Mandatory course supplementary fees collected will be transferred to the appropriate faculty after the deadline for course cancellation.
  5. Publish the General Principles for mandatory supplementary course fees in the University of Calgary Academic Calendar.
  1. As per section P.4 in the Calendar (, tuition and fee payment and refund deadlines apply to mandatory course supplementary fees.


No. Textbooks can be required but students should have a choice on how to access the book; e.g. library, shared with other students, rent, purchased new, purchased used, etc. This principle also applies to course packs.

Note: Please refer to conflict of interest policies when using self-published materials.

No. Students should be informed in the course outline about the possible costs incurred for travel associated with practical and internship placements.

Yes. Students may be charged for the costs of travel, food, accommodation etc. You will need to submit a complete budget when preparing field trip or field school requests.

Not normally. In some limited circumstances this could be allowed, but must be approved in advance. (E.g. fees for DVDs and film access rights)

No. These new and emerging online tools can be valuable pedagogical tools for formative assessments, but any activity that forms part of the final grade for a student must be covered by the regular course tuition.

No. You may not charge mandatory fees for a student orientation, or orientation like, event. While not recommended you could establish a reasonable optional fee for those attending.

How To Submit a Supplementary Fee Request

To submit a request for a Mandatory Supplemental Fee, you must be a Departmental Scheduler, Department Head, Associate Dean or Dean, or you need to contact someone in your department or faculty with one of the above roles to submit the request on your behalf.

Budget documentation must be included with the submission. Only one budget document may be uploaded per submission. If more than one document is required, please combine the documents into one pdf.

On occasion, multiple courses from the same department have an identical supplemental fee. Please create one submission per course.

Mandatory fees must be approved by the Department Head or Associate Dean and reviewed by the Tuition and Fees Consultation Committee. Optional Fees should be approved by the Department Head or Associate Dean and submitted to be reviewed by the Dean. Departments will be asked to submit Mandatory Fees annually. They will be asked to review their Optional Fee submissions from the previous year and request any changes or additions for the upcoming year.

For important supplementary fee dates and deadlines, see the scheduling site at

  1. Group Study Program

    • August 15, 2021
  2. Faculties

    • January 6, 2021

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