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SHRED injuries Neuromuscular Training Warm-Up Programs

Injury Prevention

Research has shown that neuromuscular training warm-up programs are effective at reducing the risk of sport-related injury in youth sport by 30-70% when compared to more traditional warm-up programs that include aerobic, static and dynamic stretching components.

Participating in sport and activity provides an endless number of health benefits, both physically and mentally. Staying injury-free reduces time spent on the sidelines; creating more opportunity for participation and ultimately contributing to a healthy lifestyle. 

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Neuromuscular Training: The New Standard of Practice for Warm-Ups

Neuromuscular training warm-up programs might look a little different for each sport or activity, but all include four main components of exercises: aerobic, balance, strength and agility.

These exercises can be performed using little or no equipment - resistance comes from your own bodyweight, a partner, or resistance bands.

The focus with all warm-up programs is that exercises are completed using proper movement technique. Performing these exercises consistently and correctly in a controlled environment (such as a warm-up) will contribute to safe movement patterns during sport and activity, thus reducing the risk of injury.

SHRED injuries Neuromuscular Training Workshops

Interested in learning how to implement neuromuscular training warm-ups in your sport or activity setting? We offer coach and teacher workshops at no cost, thanks to support from the Alberta Health Services Bone & Joint Health Strategic Clinical Network.

Option 1: Attend a monthly online workshop

Each month we offer a general online workshop, open to all coaches.

In these workshops we review a number of different aerobic, balance, strength and agility exercises that you can use in your neuromuscular training warm-ups, and how you can adapt them to your sport or activity setting. We spend time practicing delivering feedback to ensure athletes perform this movements correctly, and also review different strategies for implementation.

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Option 2: Book a workshop for your organization

Similar format to our monthly general workshops, but this option is to set up a private workshop specifically for coaches/teachers in your organization. These sessions are tailored to your sport or activity. Please note that we request a minimum of 10 coaches in order to book these sessions.

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Option 3: Attend a sport-specific workshop

We schedule sport specific workshops at the beginning of Alberta sport seasons. Visit our events page to see if there are any upcoming workshops for your specific sport, or follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our upcoming sessions.

Twitter: @siprc_

Instagram: @siprc

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Option 4: Become a SHRED injuries Master Trainer

We are looking to partner with champions across Canada to expand our opportunities for workshop delivery to more communities nation-wide. Candidates would participate in a comprehensive Master Trainer workshop to prepare them to facilitate coach workshops in their area.

We are seeking strength & conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, athletic therapists, and coaches with neuromuscular training movement competency (teaching and demonstration).

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