Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all


Goal 7

Canadian Institute for Resources Law

This UCalgary Institute is a leading national centre of expertise on energy and environmental policy and law issues relating to Alberta's energy and natural resources. Faculty members actively research a variety of laws in areas such as international environmental energy, regulation of environmental markets, alternative energy, constitutional, climate change, environmental assessment and adaptive management, sustainable development, energy transportation and land use laws. Learn more.


Reimagining the Energy Landscape

More than 300 UCalgary scholars from a wide range of disciplines — engineering, biological sciences, chemistry, geoscience, geology, health sciences, public policy, social sciences — are conducting research to transform the energy landscape, for a cleaner, more efficient energy future. These scholars are balancing far-out and long-term research impacts with immediate and tangible deliverables, including solutions and technologies ready for field-scale applications. Learn more.

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Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

New Minor in Energy and Environment

New Minor in Energy and Environment

The Schulich School of Engineering’s new minor in Energy and Environment is the first of its kind in Canada. This program teaches students how to assess, avoid and minimize environmental impacts of industrial energy operations. This optional minor is offered in collaboration with a variety of engineering majors. Learn more.


Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV)

SEDV is an interdisciplinary graduate program in the Schulich School of Engineering, Haskayne School of Business, Faculty of Law, and School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. This program is for professionals and students seeking a broad-based and comprehensive education in sustainable energy. This year, student capstone projects examined a diversity of questions like how converting organic by-products into biofuels could reduce waste and provide low-carbon alternative energy sources. Learn more here.


Campus and Community Impact



URPr is a comprehensive five-year energy retrofit program to improve existing building energy efficiency. More than $35M has been invested to achieve a reduction in energy use and an annual 30,000 tonne reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2020 UCalgary released a new dashboard providing transparency on building level energy use and carbon intensities.



UCalgary hosted weeklong workshops bringing energy experts together to foster collaboration in environmental monitoring, carbon capture and storage. More than 100 leading industry and academic experts from nine countries participated in the event.



Canada Energy Systems Analysis Research initiative at UCalgary encourages and communicates research and critical analysis around the transformation of Canada's energy systems. The primary goals are to elevate the conversations across Canada around energy systems choices and to inform policy and investment decisions regarding the transformation of Canada’s energy systems toward sustainability.