Dr. Kenzie Friesen

Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Kenzie Friesen

Dr. Kenzie Friesen is a postdoctoral scholar in the Sport injury Prevention Research Centre. She completed her PhD at Auburn University where she researched biomechanics related to injury among softball pitchers. She then went on to be a postdoctorate fellow at USask where her work covered the “sportspan” involving inclusion and accessibility within sport. She also helped validate a work-related and functional task protocol to assess upper limb motion with inertial measuring units. Now at the SIPRC, Kenzie will use instrumented mouthguards to measure head biomechanics and understand concussion injury within team sport athletes. Kenzie has a huge passion for sport and keeping athletes safely involved in the game they love!

Awards and Distinctions

2022-2023 O'Brien Institute for Public Health Postdoctoral Scholar Award

2022-2023 UCalgary Eyes High Postdoctoral Scholar Award

2021 Conference Travel Award, The Association of Commonwealth Universities

2020 Auburn University: School of Kinesiology Outstanding Graduate Nominee

2020 National Strength and Conditioning Foundation Scholarship Award Winner

2020 Auburn University Merriweather Fellowship Nominee

2019 Auburn Graduate School: Three Minute Thesis People's Choice Award


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