Joel Burma


PhD Student

Joel Burma

Joel is completing his PhD under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Smirl and Dr. Jeff Dunn with an expected completion date of 2024. His PhD is seeking to comprehensively understand cerebrovascular regulation with a multimodal imaging approach including transcranial Doppler ultrasound, functional near-infrared spectroscopy, and electroencephalography. This multimodal approach will be utilized during cerebrovascular reactivity, cerebral autoregulation, and neurovascular coupling assessments, which will quantify both cerebral hemodynamics and cerebral electrical activity across the brain. Additionally, Joel’s PhD project will also explore how the aforementioned regulatory mechanisms are impacted by the phase of the menstrual cycle, between biological sexes, and by cardiorespiratory fitness status. Currently, there is an underrepresentation of published cerebrovascular research studies including female participants. This, in part, is due to the fluctuation of hormones across the menstrual cycle, which may change the compliance of the blood vessels within the brain. Therefore, Joel’s PhD project is ultimately seeking to understand the various regulatory mechanisms within the brain, while also enhancing current methodological approaches to increase the number of future cerebrovascular studies that include female participants.

Joel has completed his Master of Science (2020) at the University of Calgary under the supervision of Dr. Kathryn Schneider and Dr. Jeff Dunn and his Bachelor of Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia Okanagan under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Smirl and Dr. Paul van Donkelaar.

Awards and Distinctions

2021-2024 Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship-Doctoral Program (CGS-D), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

2021-2024 Brain Create Graduate Scholarship

2020-2022 John D Petrie QC Memorial Graduate Scholarship

2021 University of Calgary Human Performance Laboratory Graduate Student Researcher of the Year

2020-2021 Kinesiology Leadership Scholarship

2020 Integrated Concussion Research Program Travel Award

2020 Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium Travel Award

2019 Canadian Institutes of Health Research - CGS-M Award

2018 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship

2018 Best Proffered Student Presentation at 8th International Meeting on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) at Oxford University

2018 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award

2017 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award

2014-2017  Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship, UBC

2017  UBC Dean's Honor Roll

2015  Okanagan Extracurricular Leadership Award


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