Dr. Jean-Michel Galarneau


J-M Galarneau

Dr. Galarneau is a biostatistician in the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre with expertise in mathematical modelling of epidemiologic data and exposure science. His first degree was completed at Bishop’s University where he majored in psychology with an interest in philosophy followed by a Master’s degree in educational research at the University of Calgary. Subsequently, he went on to complete a doctoral degree in the Faculty of Medicine from the University of Alberta where he worked for a number of years as a statistical analyst developing exposure algorithms and modelling health data. His dissertation focused on the construction and validation of an exposure matrix used for the welding trades with which the estimation of exposures to airborne metal particulates could be made. During his time at the University of Alberta, Dr. Galarneau was given the opportunity to work on several important projects one of which focused on the health of firefighters who attended the 2016 Fort McMurray fire for which he developed an algorithm that would estimate exposures to particulate matter for each firefighter who participated in the study. His academic contributions lie mainly in the development of methods to deal with complex modelling issues in the fields of epidemiology and occupational medicine.


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