News & Events

News & Events

On August 22, 2022, Dr. Michael Tam visited us to give two seminars.  He gave a presentation to graduate students on Steps and Processes in Writing a Manuscript for Research Publication. He also gave a research talk on Innovation in Sustainable nano materials for Advanced Engineering Applications.  These seminars were sponsored by the Chemical Engineering Graduate Club (CEGC), Graduate Students' Association (GSA) and the Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering.  

Group Seminar

Back Row (left to right): Lilian Azubuike, Dr. U.T. Sundararaj, Bahram Mirkani, Shashank Ramakrishnan, Milad Kamkar, Sekhar Sundararaj; Front Row (left to right): Dr. Michael Tam (Univ. Waterloo), Elnaz Erfanian, Roxana Moaref, Shaghayegh Shajari, Mijad Mohseni

On February 20 and 21, 2020 CAPNA, along with the Chemical Engineering Graduate Club (CEGC), welcomed Dr. Jeffrey Giacomin, of Queens University, to the University of Calgary as a guest speaker for our Seminar Series.  Since 2016, he is the editor-in-chief of Physics of Fluids.  On the first day, he mainly talked about Macromolecular Architechiture and Complex Viscosity.  Using his wit and sense of humour, he explained about the General rigid bead-rod theory, relating to the complex viscosity of polymeric liquids to the architecture of axisymmetric macromolecules. He also explored the zero-shear and complex viscosities of 24 different axisymmetric polymer configurations using mathematical equations.  On the second day, he spoke about his role as editor-in-chief of Physics in Fluids and discussed the story of the journal's surging success under his leadership.  He also advised future authors about article submissions to the journal.       


Dr. Giacomin's Visit

Pictured from left to right: Sekhar Sundararaj, Shaghayegh Shajari, Milad Kamkar, Prof. U. Sundararaj, Visiting Speaker Dr. A.J. Giacomin (with bow-tie), Calin Lencar, Shashank Ramakrishnan, Ali Shayesteh