Nargis Photo

Narges (Narsis) is a highly qualified and experienced academic with a background in chemical engineering, particularly in the polymer specialization. After completing a Bachelor's degree at Isfahan University of Technology, she pursued a Master's degree in Polymer Engineering at Polytechnique Tehran (Amirkabir) University, where she developed a keen interest in polymer rheology, blending, and nanocomposites.

During her Master's studies, Narges gained expertise in foaming nanocomposites using physical foaming methods in high-pressure autoclaves, and analyzed the resulting foams' mechanical and morphological properties. She conducted research that focused on developing high-performance polymeric nanocomposite materials with improved mechanical properties.

Narges went on to complete a PhD at the University of Calgary's Complex Fluids Lab (CFL). Her research at CFL concentrated on developing a small-angle light-scattering (SALS) setup to investigate the spatial and orientational dynamics of non-spherical colloidal suspensions in complex flow fields. In particular, her work involved developing anisotropic hydrogel nanocomposites that could be used as surgical bio-adhesives. Additionally, she developed a bio-ink and a novel method of coupling SALS with 3-D printing lithography method to produce bio-scaffolds with synergistic physiochemical properties. 

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