Benjamim Mapossa

Benjamim Mapossa received his PhD. in Chemical and Polymer Technology (2019) from the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa, where he developed new product concepts based on nanostructured polyolefins (LLDPE and EVA) as carriers of active chemicals (insecticides and repellents) with the aim of controlled release of active ingredients for malaria vector control in endemic regions. He started working as a postdoctoral researcher at the same institution where he developed biodegradable polymers (Polylactic acid, Cellulose Diacetate, and Poly (butylene succinate) devices-based chemicals for malaria and agriculture applications. His research was based on in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of processing, structure control and properties of polymer-based materials, and in the fields of development of functional polymers and polymer modification by compounding and reactive processing. Additionally, during his postdoctoral research he also worked on several other projects to develop nanomagnetic materials (ferrites) for biodiesel production and water and wastewater treatment. In 2023, Benjamim joined the Centre for Advanced Polymers and Nanotechnology at the University of Calgary, Canada, for another postdoctoral experience, where he is working on Polyolefin/calcium carbonate composites as sheet materials for flooring application.


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