New Frontiers in Research Fund Innovative Approaches to Research in the Pandemic Context Competition, SSHRC grant "Emergency Management Cycle-Centric R&D: From National Prototyping to Global Implementation" (NFRF-2021-00277), 2021-2024.

NSERC Discovery grant "Designing Smart and Secure Communities: from Sensors to Risk-based Reasoning", 2020-2024.

Micro-net Program on the Innovation for Defence and Security (IDEaS), DND, Canada, grant "AutoDefence: Towards Trustworthy Technologies for Autonomous Human-Machine Systems", with Co-PIs from University of Calgary, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill University and Concordia University, 2019-2021.

NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant "MOST: Biometric-enabled Identity Management and Risk Assessment for Smart Cities", with VizworX INc. & Calgary Drop-In Centre, under the Program between NSERC, Canada, and MOST, Taiwan, 2018-2021.

NSERC Engage & EngagePlus grants "Shelter security enhancement with biometrics and concealed weapon detection"; with PatriotOne Technologies, Inc., 2018, 2019.

NSERC Discovery grant "Biometric Contactless Interfaces", 2014-2019.

Canadian Safety and Security Program contract "Risk analysis of face and iris biometrics in automated border/access control applications"; Sponsor: Canadian Safety and Security Program managed through Defence Research and Development Canada Centre for Security Science, Partners: Canadian Border Security Services, 2013-2015.

NSERC Engage grant "Integration of sensory data with video feed from unmanned aerial vehicles";  industrial partner InnUVAtive Systems, Inc., 2011-2012.

NATO Collaborative Linkage Grant "Intelligent Assistance Systems Multisensor Processing and Reliability Analysis" (Canada  - U of Zilina  Slovakia - Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic), 2011-2012 

Alberta Circle of Research Excellence (iCORE) Visiting Professorship Grant for the iCore Visiting Professor in Biometrics, Dr. P.S.P. Wang, 2006

University of Calgary Conference Grant for the 35th IEEE International Symposium ISMVL 2005

PIMS Conference Grant for the 35th IEEE International Symposium ISMVL 2005

CFI Infrastructure Support Grant, 2004

BCT TELUS 20,000 Conference grant (for Workshop on Modeling and Simulation in Biometric Technologies), 2004

Alberta Science and Research Innovation Fund (ASRIF) matching Grant for Creation of Biometric Technologies Laboratory, 2003

CFI - Canadian Foundation for Innovations New Opportunities Grant "Creation of Biometric Technologies Laboratory", 2003

University of Calgary Conference grant (Workshop on Modeling and Simulation in Biometric Technologies), 2003

NATO Collaborative Linkage program, with NASA's JPL, UofVic and Warsaw University of Technology, 2002