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Simple ways to improve your physical wellbeing

Physical health doesn’t just mean breaking a sweat during a workout — taking care of yourself can be done with a few tweaks to your regular routine. Maintaining your physical health can help you perform better in your classes by improving focus and energy, and practicing positive habits can improve your mental health. Win-win, right?

Read on for tips on how to improve your physical wellbeing during school.

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students walking past the Hunter Student Commons

Tips for common groupwork challenges

Group work helps build collaboration skills and allows students to complete larger tasks than a single student could do alone. But it can difficult to navigate group dynamics.

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Making sense of your university journey

Most things in life are about the journey and not the destination - university included! Learn how one student ended up finding her passion by embracing the bumps in the road.

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CTrain arriving at the University Station

Many neighbourhoods make great places to live while studying

Calgary's transit options coupled with your UPass mean campus is easy to access from many areas in Calgary.

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Keeping track of everything

You have a lot going on, so we wanted to suggest a few tips to help you be the best version(s) of you this semester!

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Looking for additional sources of funding?

Scholarships, awards and bursaries are a great way to help pay for your post-secondary education.

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Office hours are scary, but worth attending

Attending office hours feels daunting, but  it’s worth being brave and taking that extra step to connect with your instructors.

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The truth about 'pay to pass'

What does ‘pay to pass’ mean and why does it matter to you?

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