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⁠Need to bump up your grades, qualify for a scholarship, or improve your academic standing? One-on-one appointments can help you improve the skills you need for academic success.

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Find a study space near you

Looking for a place to study? Use the campus study space map to find a place to study or attend an online class. 

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New embedded certificate in fall 2021

UCalgary has launched a new embedded certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship. Core courses will be available starting fall 2021. 

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Wondering what plagiarism is and how to avoid it?

On Oct. 7, join this workshop to explore what plagiarism is and learn how to use academic sources in your own academic writing. 

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Planning your degree. Registering for your courses. Finding an advisor. Accessing academic support. Checking your exam schedule. Reviewing your degree requirements. The resources you need to succeed academically can be found in the links below.  

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