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Produced by the Media, Issues and Outreach unit within the the Office of Communications and Community Engagement, in collaboration with faculties and units across University of Calgary campuses

UCalgary is the entrepreneurial university. Our community reaches higher, digs deeper, runs faster, thrives on complexity, and anticipates the future. UCalgary News chronicles the impact of leading scholarship, shaping events, and the dynamic spirit of our 36,000 students, faculty and staff.

What is UCalgary News?

A network of news websites produced mainly by staff members, as part of their roles as communicators who support faculties, departments and institutes. UCalgary News reports and promotes:

  • top research discoveries
  • key campus events
  • major announcements
  • significant awards
  • student and faculty experiences and successes
  • impact of our research and activities on the wider community.

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What is the UToday newsletter?

The daily highlights from the UCalgary News network, as well as workplace reminders, the perspectives of knowledge experts who shape the news, and listings of campus events. The email is sent to all employees around 9:30 a.m. on weekdays as part of the university’s commitment to publish relevant information for our campus community. Anyone is welcome to subscribe for free.

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Common questions about UCalgary News and UToday

Most stories are written by university staff members. We occasionally commission freelance writers in topic areas requiring specialized knowledge.

All UCalgary News content should be of interest to the broader university community and we try to fairly represent all areas of campus. Faculty-specific stories are better suited to that faculty’s local news or social media channels.

We accept article contributions from the campus community but we cannot guarantee publication. Before writing the story, send an email query to the UToday editor by filling in and sending this form. We may consult a communicator in your faculty or unit before accepting a story proposal. If the article is not suitable for UCalgary News, we’ll try to refer you to other departments that may be interested.

The campus news photographer takes photos for UCalgary News, arch magazine, and other Office of Advancement purposes. However, the photographer is not available for general campus event photography or staff photos. If you require event photo coverage, you will need to hire an external event photographer. We can supply recommendations if needed; contact the photographer for more information.

No. Email is the primary preferred method of communication with employees. Everyone who is a full- or part-time employee automatically receives it via automated HR technology. The list of employees is refreshed regularly to ensure accuracy; therefore, it is not necessary to subscribe or unsubscribe. The list is not managed within the Office of Advancement; please contact UService if you are receiving the UToday email in error. The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) pertains to commercial electronic messages and does not apply to employee/internal communications.