Below is a list of recent publications from the Developmental Psycholinguistics Lab. If you would like a copy of any of the following articles, please email us.

Phonological and Prosodic Development Group


Olson, C., Curtin, S., and Athanasopoulou, A. (2024). Processing of compound and phrasal prosody in (Canadian) English. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2024, Leiden, The Netherlands.

A’Gitok, C.B. & Athanasopoulou, A. (2023). What makes a geminate? An acoustic study of consonants in Garo. Proceedings of the 20th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.

Sidhu, D., Athanasopoulou, A., Archer, S., Czarnecki, N., Curtin, S., & Pexman, P. (2023). The Maluma/Takete Effect is Late: No Longitudinal Evidence for Shape Sound Symbolism in the First Year. PLOS ONE, 18(11): e0287831. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0287831

Geffen, S., Burkinshaw, K., Athanasopoulou, A., & Curtin, S. (2022). Utterance-initial prosodic differences between statements and questions in infant-directed speechJournal of Child Language, 1-31. DOI: 10.1017/S0305000922000460

Athanasopoulou, A., Vogel, I., & Pincus, N. (2021). An acoustic investigation of prosodic prominence in Indonesian. Journal of Linguistics, 57, 695-735. DOI:10.1017/S0022226721000141

Athanasopoulou, A., Vogel, I., & Dolatian, H. (2021). Acoustic properties of word and phrasal prominence in Uzbek. In Palaz, B., & Stromdahl, L. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Workshop on Turkic and Languages in Contact with Turkic, Volume 5 (pp. 1-15). DOI: 10.3765/ptu.v5i1.4796

Lilley, J., Spinu, L., & Athanasopoulou, A. (2020). Exploring the front fricative contrast in Greek: A study of acoustic variability based on cepstral coefficients. Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 1-32. DOI: 10.1017/S002510031900029X

Athanasopoulou, A. & Vogel,I. (2020). Variability in French word-final schwa: The Effect of focus. In I. Vogel (ed.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 16: Selected papers from the 47th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) (pp. 8-18). John Benjamins. DOI: 10.1075/rllt.16.01ath

Vogel, I., Athanasopoulou, A., & Brambatti Guzzo, N. (2018). Properties of (Brazilian) Portuguese and (European) Spanish. In L. Repetti and F. Ordóñez (Eds.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 14: Selected papers from the 46th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) (pp. 323-338). John Benjamins. DOI: 10.1075/rllt.14.19vog

Vogel, I., Athanasopoulou, A., & Pincus, N. (2018). Acoustic Properties of Prominence and Foot Structure in Arabic. Hamid Ouali (ed.). Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIX, pp. 55-88. John Benjamins. DOI: 10.1075/sal.5.04vog

Semantic and Pragmatic Development Group


Skordos, D., Myers, A., & Barner, D. (2022). Quantifier spreading and the question under discussionCognition, 226.

Skordos, D., Feiman, R., Bale, A., & Barner, D. (2020). Do children interpret ‘or’ conjunctively? Journal of Semantics.

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Skordos, D., & Papafragou, A. (2016). Children’s derivation of scalar implicatures: alternatives and relevance. Cognition, 153, 6-18.

Papafragou, A. & Skordos, D. (2016) Scalar Implicature. In J. Lidz, W. Snyder & J. Pater, (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Developmental Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bunger, A., Skordos, D., Trueswell, J., & Papafragou, A. (2016). How adults and children encode causative events cross-linguistically: Implications for language production and attention. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 31, 1015-1037.