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Community Engagement Team

Part of the Office of Advancement

About Community Engagement

Community Engagement helps position the university as a community builder, supporting the socio-economic and cultural development of our city, province and beyond. While all units in the Office of Advancement play an active role in advancing institutional community engagement activities, the task is the primary responsibility of the Community Engagement. Team members are responsible for a number of institutional partnerships, sponsorships, and the university’s annual United Way campaign.

As a foundational commitment in the Eyes High vision and strategy, UCalgary is committed to integrating with the community by fully engaging the communities we both serve and lead.

Being a global intellectual hub means that we develop next-generation leaders with broad world views, share new knowledge and discoveries generously, and address society’s challenges proactively. We are recognized as a university that provides a gateway to the international landscape of ideas, arts and culture, and science for all life-long learners. We are increasing opportunities for our local and extended communities to engage in athletic and recreational activities.

UCalgary attracts creative thinkers from around the world who enrich our lives with their distinct ideas and viewpoints. We are committed to working with our stakeholders to find ways to improve the lives of individuals in all our communities.

We will continue to play a leading role in the evolution of our city and our province by providing exceptional learning opportunities, conducting cutting-edge research, creating an environment of inclusion, and serving our communities selflessly.

We will model leadership behaviour and continue to build meaningful connections through our growing global alumni network. As we do so, we will inspire our friends and supporters to invest in our efforts to spark meaningful change and energize the next generation.

What we do

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Community Engagement represents the university in establishing and managing partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with community organizations. We build on existing relationships, create new associations and endeavour to enhance the university’s role in the community.

Community Engagement serves as a resource to the university community by:

  • Positioning UCalgary as a thought leader and city builder
  • Cultivating and leverage mutually beneficial relationships with key community partners
  • Creating high-impact institutional programs and events
  • Measuring and reporting the impact of community engagement activities
  • Work with faculties, departments, institutes and centres on campus to increase their engagement efforts with internal and external community members

Our primary audiences are those individuals and organizations within the community who have an interest in understanding and engaging in the work of the university and its broader contributions to society. By moving these audiences through a continuum of engagement, we foster direct and indirect advocacy on behalf of the university. They include:

  • Business and industry, including industry associations
  • Civic organizations and partners
  • Cultural and arts organizations
  • Neighbouring community associations
  • Social service agencies and enterprises
  • Think tanks and similar thought influencers
  • Members of the general community, including new immigrant and Indigenous communities

While the primary focus is external facing in nature, to be successful, we also engage internally with students, faculty and staff by integrating them into our outreach activities as opportunities present themselves.

    As part of community-engaged teaching & learning and research, all members of the university community have a role to play in community engagement. There are several groups at the university in addition to the Community Engagement team with a strong community engagement mandate including:

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    DJ Kelly

    Acting Director, Community Engagement