Ongoing Studies

The Ch.I.L.D Research Group is always looking for new child scientists to participate in our research. Here are our studies currently looking for participants!

Vocal Emotional Cues in Unfamiliar Languages

In this study, we are investigating how children understand and apply vocal emotional cues in spoken language. Specifically, we are examining how they understand these cues when listening to an unfamiliar language. We do this by using non-invasive eye-tracking software to see where children look on a screen while hearing words spoken in unfamiliar languages. 

This study is looking for new participants!

We are looking for children aged 4 to 4 1/2 years old to participate in this study!

This study is conducted in-person, and we will provide a parking pass and free babysitting during the study!

To sign up, register for our database or send an email to

Environmental Noise and Language Development

In this study, we are investiagting the amount of noise and talk in a baby's environment, as well as their language development. We use wearable audio recorders to take weekly recordings of the baby's home environment, and measure the number of words they hear and speak during the day. In doing this, we are hoping to better understand how factors in the home impact and improve childhood word learning and conceptual development

This study is looking for participants!

If this study sounds interesting to you, we are looking for families who:

  • Have a child between 6 and 36 months old
  • Live in or around Calgary
  • Speak primarily English
  • Are willing to complete 10 weekly audio recordings

To sign up, register for our database or send an email to

Noun/Verb Context Learning Study

In this study, we are investigating how context affects 2-4 year-olds’ word learning. We do this by having children hear a series of novel words paired with either a novel object or action. They are then asked to point towards the novel word, and are tested with the objects/actions presented in either the same context or a different context.

This study is looking for new participants!

This study is done remotely over Zoom and takes about 15 minutes to complete. If you have a child aged 2-4 years old and you'd like to participate, sign up for our database or send an email to

Child scientists who participate will also receive a 10$ Indigo gift card!

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