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The Tamaratt Teaching Professorship

Advancing the geoscience undergraduate learning experience



To advance the teaching strength and expertise of the University of Calgary’s Department of Geoscience, by developing new and innovative teaching methods in geoscience




Striving to always see things from the student’s perspective

Reflexive Teaching

Continually reflecting on one’s own teaching methods


Using the classroom as a laboratory, to experiment with new teaching methods

Empirically-validated pedagogy

Contributing to and incorporating the best pedagogical research


Created in 2007, the Tamaratt Teaching Professorship in Geoscience is a unique endowed faculty position with the objectives of advancing the teaching expertise and research in geoscience education in the Department of Geoscience. As one of the first endowed teaching professorships at the University of Calgary, this position is part of an ongoing effort to improve the experience of undergraduate students through projects and initiatives that address student engagement and student learning. Projects that include geoscience education research and professional development for geoscience faculty are part of the Tamaratt Teaching Professorship position’s mandate.


The Representational Aspects of Learning

How does learning happen? Much of the process is about producing and decoding metaphorical and visual representations of the world.

The Nature of Science

What is science trying to accomplish and how does it do so? Teaching the Nature of Science using historical case studies and the philosophy of science helps students understand and appreciate a more complete picture of science.

The Online Learning Environment

Online learning, in one form or another, is here to stay. Yet, it's not quite clear how to teach effectively online. Fortunately, we have some insights.



Reporting regularly on new lessons learned for geoscience pedagogy


Hosting and facilitating a regular professional development program aimed at training professors at the University of Calgary in enhanced pedagogical theory and practice


Regularly collaborating and sharing findings outside the University of Calgary

The Tamaratt Teaching Professor



Dr. Glenn Dolphin

Dr. Glenn Dolphin (Current)

Glenn is currently a Senior Instructor and holds the position of Tamaratt Teaching Professor in Geoscience. With a BSc in Geology from Binghamton University and a Masters degree in Geology from The Johns Hopkins University, he has worked in the groundwater industry as a geologist. Glenn earned a master’s in teaching (MAT) geology and taught 9th grade earth science in Upstate New York. Glenn earned his PhD in Science Education from Syracuse University and was hired into the Department of Geosciences at the University of Calgary. Glenn teaches mainly introductory geology courses and researches the use of the history and philosophy of geology to teach geological concepts and the nature of science. He also researches the impact of metaphor and virtual outcrop models on teaching and learning.

Leslie Reid

Dr. Leslie Reid (Past)

Dr. Reid is a past Tararatt Teaching Professor.