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The Tamaratt Teaching Chair advances scholarship and learning through a variety of projects

Three themes, one goal

Tamaratt research and projects are structured under three themes, each of which works towards producing new methods and tools educators can use to enhance their geoscience education endeavours.

Metaphorical Representation

Metaphors are not just literary devices we use to spice up our writing, they're fundamental to language use and abstract thinking.

See what metaphors can do

Visual Representation

From technical diagrams to artist rendering, and still-life photos to dynamic 3D VR models, the way we represent, share, and learn about our world is most often done through visual media.

Explore the visual space

Historical Case Studies

South America and Africa were once attached as part of a single continent. But how do we know that? Interrogating historical case like this provide students with insights into and appreciation for not just outcomes of science, but the process of science too.

Learn science through case studies

Philosophy of Geoscience

Is geology a historical or experimental science? Why does that distinction matter? Are there limits to what geoscience can know? Infusing philosophy of geoscience into normal geoscience classes teaches students the humble confidence they'll need to continue discovering and learning new things.

Make your classes philosophically informed