Service Projects

The Service Project gives each student in the Scholars Academy the chance to be part of a community-based project.

Applications currently closed. The next application cycle will begin in summer 2024.


These semester or year-long projects give scholars an opportunity to learn how to collaborate with an existing charity while also interacting and working with their peers in the program.

These semester or year-long projects give scholars an opportunity to learn how to collaborate with an existing charity while also interacting and working with their peers in the program. Many of the students are already very active in the volunteer sector, and regularly exercise leadership and community efforts. These projects are focused on team-building and community engagement to further strengthen their skills. Students have the capacity to undertake work in areas such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Evaluation (including the development of measuring tools; craft messages and choose tactics to reach targets most effectively)
  • Research (assessments, questionnaire, surveys, interviews, focus groups, literature reviews)
  • Presentations and workshops
  • Brochures, written material such as articles, web content, social media campaigns

2023-24 semester

Scholars Academy worked with the following groups:

  • Autism Calgary
  • Melius Mentorship
  • NanoTess
  • Growing Minds YYC!
  • Nutrition and Exercise Learning for Youth (NELY)
  • Aspire, University of Calgary

Past projects have included

Kids Cancer Care Foundation

A collaboration with Kids Cancer Care Foundation, where the students created art with young cancer patients and then auctioned the art at a gala to raise money for the KCC.

Calgary Reads

Collaboration with Calgary Reads to raise awareness for literacy in the city, especially with underprivileged children

University of Calgary's Office of Sustainability

Collaboration with the University of Calgary's Office of Sustainability to gather campus community stakeholder perspectives about what sustainability issues impact students.

Bethany Care Society

A collaboration with Bethany Care Society, where students created a resident and family engagement strategy.

Campus Community Closet

A collaboration with Campus Community Closet to conduct a literature review on the prevalence of financial strain in post secondary for accessing clothing, toiletries, school supplies, and other necessities.

Humans of UCalgary

A collaboration with Humans of UCalgary to secure project funding from the Champions for a Healthy Campus Grant to foster a greater sense of community through photojournalism.


A collaboration with Pangaea to design an innovative campaign to destigmatize issues surrounding the Syrian refugee crisis and offering tutoring and ESL classes to refugees and immigrants as they wait for formal classes. 

Cassie + Friends

Collaboration with Cassie + Friends to develop the Youth e-Mentorship program that enables young people living with rheumatic disease across Canada to connect with youth mentors who can share their experiences and provide support.

Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society (CFBTS)

Collaboration with Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society to develop an understanding of risk factors that mediate the high occurrence of kitchen fires in Northeast Calgary / immigrant homes; and curate a subsequent set of fire and burn prevention resources targeting immigrant families who statistically have high risk for kitchen fires and limited awareness of burn prevention.

Calgarians for Kids' Health

Collaboration with Calgarians for Kids Health to advance the work highlighting the importance of fluoridation in Calgary water by two inter-related activities.

Jewish Family Services Calgary

Collaboration with Jewish Family Services Calgary to develop the Memory Care Program which provides in-home one-on-one volunteer support to individuals living with memory loss or a diagnosed dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, while providing respite time to the informal caregivers of these individuals.


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