SAP Expectations

Scholars Academy students are remarkable leaders, global citizens, and champions of positive change. Applicants should demonstrate their high leadership potential, determination, and compassion in their application. 

Criteria and Expectations

Applicants should demonstrate integrity, determination, compassion to the community, and high academic potential.


Scholars Academy recruits students who:

  • Want to maximize their potential in areas of leadership, intellectual curiosity, and commitments to our local and global communities.
  • Exhibit exceptional integrity, determination, and passion in their personal and professional lives.
  • Are from all faculties who have completed at least one year of undergraduate studies.
  • Maintain a high academic potential or grade point average (GPA) of 3.6 cumulative or higher. However, students who maintain a lower GPA are still encouraged to apply if they believe they exhibit the core qualities we are looking for.  


As members of the Scholars Academy Program, you will be expected to fulfill several obligations. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop a vision plan with the program coordinator
  • Apply for eligible awards and scholarships
  • Attend the annual Fall retreat
  • Attend Insights: Speaker Series
  • Maintain mentorship relationship with community mentor
  • Engage in practices of civic and social responsibility
  • Participate in the Service Project
  • Attend prestigious university events
  • Attend the 8 required events throughout the academic year
  • Maintain full-time status and at least a 3.6 CGPA (negotiable)

Scholars are expected to act in a professional and respectable manner at all times. Non-compliance will result in students partaking in an interview to decide whether they ought to remain in, or be removed from the program.

Application Evaluation

The Scholars Academy application requires a personal statement, curriculum vitae, unofficial transcript, and up to two reference letters. Consider attending the available workshops (Student Success Centre>SSC Events/Workshops) on each component of the application process or book an appointment with an Academic Development Specialist to review your documents through Elevate (Student Success Centre>Academic Support>Book by Appointment Type>Scholars Academy Program).


Shortlisted candidates will meet with the review committee for a 20-minute interview. The interview ensures that students admitted to the program not only meet the qualifications on paper, but are capable of setting themselves apart by communicating their accomplishments and goals in a professional and articulate manner.


Regardless of the outcome, all applicants will be notified on their status for being shortlisted for an interview. Should they choose to accept feedback, appointments to go over their application and interview process is offered to unsuccessful candidates. We encourage unsuccessful candidates to reapply the following year after meeting with a specialist and discussing changes to their application.