Scholars Academy Advisory Council

The Council provides direction to the program to make sure the scholars are able to get the support and mentorship that they need.

About the Council

The Scholars Academy Advisory Council reviews policies and budgets to ensure the overall health of the program. The Council also enlists the support of alumni and other members of the community (internal and external) to further the program's objectives. Lastly, the Council appoints members to the Rhodes Review Committee to oversee the internal nomination process for the Rhodes competition.


Dr. Tom Keenan
Professor, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape


Joanne Cuthbertson
Chancellor Emeritus


Dr. Ed McCauley
President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Penny Werthner
Interim Provost and Vice-President (Academic)

Jennifer Quin
Senior Director (Student Services)

Council Members

Alice Chan


Christopher Fong


Deborah Yedlin


Dr. Paul Ziade

Associate Dean and Professor, Schulich School of Engineering

Joanne Cuthbertson


Dr. Juliet Guichon

Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Tom Keenan

Professor, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Dr. Richard Sigurdson

Dean, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Robert Schulz

Professor, Haskayne School of Business

Roxanne Ross

Director, Student Success Centre

Dr. Susan Ditchburn


Manpreet Deol


Dr. Nigel Shrive

Professor, Schulich School of Engineering

Susan Wessels


Shaziah Jinnah Morsette

President, Students' Union

Dr. Jared Secord

Scholars Academy Program Coordinator (non-voting)

Wing Sze Yam

Scholars Academy Program Assistant (non-voting)