Meghan Critchley

PhD Student

Meghan Critchley

Meghan Critchley is a PhD student with the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre (SIPRC) working under the supervision of Dr. Sarah Kenny and co-supervised by Dr. Kati Pasanen.

Meghan graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Theatre and Dance in 2015. Meghan then went on to complete her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology concentrating in biomechanics from the University of Wyoming in 2018. Meghan’s thesis project examined the effect of trunk and whole-body rotation on landing mechanics in relation to ACL injury prevention. Meghan will be combining her passion for dance and injury prevention research in her work at the University of Calgary examining prevalence and rehabilitation of injury in adolescent dancers.

Awards and Distinctions

2020 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES) - International

2019 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship (AGES) - International

2019 Faculty of Kinesiology International Graduate Tuition Award

2019 Vi Riddell Pediatric Rehabilitation Graduate Studentship

2018 Vi Riddell Pediatric Rehabilitation Studentship

2017 College of Health Science Travel Award

2017 College of Health Science Research Grant

2016 Graduate Assistantship, University of Wyoming

2011 Trustees Scholarship, University of Wyoming

2011 William A. Gill Scholarship, University of Wyoming


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