Kirsten Holte

MSC Student

Kirsten Holte

Kirsten is an MSc student working under the supervision of Dr. Kathryn Schneider at the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre. She graduated from the University of Calgary in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology with distinction. She then pursued her Master’s in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta and graduated in 2020 with distinction. During her graduate degree, Kirsten was interested in vestibular rehabilitation and completed several placements that exposed her to populations with concussions and other vestibular disorders. She continues to be involved in the community as a physiotherapist, while her work with SIPRC focuses on characterizing subtypes of acute dizziness following sport-related concussion.

Awards and Distinctions

2022 i'taa'poh'to'p Graduate Scholarship, University of Calgary

2021 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship, Government of Alberta

2021 Kinesiology Leadership Scholarship, University of Calgary

2019 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship Indigenous, University of Alberta

2018 Indigenous Graduate Award, University of Alberta

2015-2017 Dean’s List, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

2016 Undergraduate Merit Award, The University of Calgary

2016 Healthy Communities Award, World Health Club

2016 Jason Lang Scholarship, University of Calgary

2015 Jason Lang Scholarship, University of Calgary

2014 Jason Lang Scholarship, University of Calgary

2013 Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, Government of Alberta



Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre
University of Calgary
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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