Dr. Kati Pasanen

Associate Professor

Dr. Kati Pasanen

Kati Pasanen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. She is a sport injury epidemiologist and physiotherapist. Her PhD in Injury Prevention (2009) is from the Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tampere, Finland. Her scientific work focuses on research of sport injuries, including epidemiological, clinical, biomechanical, as well as experimental studies. The primary focus of Dr. Pasanen’s research is the identification of mechanisms and risk factors for knee and ankle joint injuries, and evaluation of prevention methods to decrease the risk of injury in youth sports.

Before moving to Calgary, she worked as a Research and Development Manager in the Tampere Research Center of Sports Medicine at the UKK Institute for Health Promotion Research, Finland. She has developed, taught, and instructed many educations courses for physiotherapists, physicians, coaches, and PE teachers in the area of sport injury prevention. Over twenty years she has served as a coach for adult and adolescent team sport athletes in both national and international level.


Peer-reviewed scientific articles (10 most recent)

  1. Critchley M, Ferber R, Pasanen K, Kenny S. Injury epidemiology in pre-professional dancers: a 5-year prospective cohort study. Phys Ther Sport 2022 (Accepted).
  2. Critchley M, Ferber R, Pasanen K, Kenny S. Pre-Season Screening Assessment: Normative data for pre-professional ballet dancers. J Dance Med Sci 2022 (Accepted).
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  4. Hietamo J, Rantala A, Parkkari J, Leppanen M, Rossi MT, Heinonen A, Steffen K, Vasankari T, Kannus P, Mattila V, Pasanen K. Injury history and perceived knee function as risk factors for knee injury in youth team sports athletes. Sports Health 2021 (In press). DOI: 10.1177/19417381211065443
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  9. Emery CA, Owoeye OBA, Raisanen A, Befus K, Palacios-Derflingher L, Pasanen K. The SHRed Injuries Basketball neuromuscular training warm-up program reduces ankle and knee injury rates by 36% in youth basketball. JOSPT 2022; 52: 40-48.
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