Joseph Carere

MSc Student

Joseph Carere

Joseph Carere is an MSc student working under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Smirl and Dr. Carolyn Emery. Prior to his MSc, Joseph attended the University of Toronto where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Physical Education in 2020. During his undergraduate campaign, Joseph acquired a special interest in concussion, sport medicine, and sport injury prevention. He has also dealt with persistent post-concussion symptoms since a hockey incident in 2015. Joseph’s personal concussion experience has guided his passion to perform sport injury research and to promote health as the most important gift a person possesses.

Awards and Distinctions

2022 Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master’s (CIHR)

2022 Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

2021 Kinesiology Presentation Award, University of Calgary

2021 Vera A Ross Graduate Scholarship, University of Calgary

2020 R. Tait McKenzie Society, University of Toronto

2015 President's Entrance Scholarship, University of Toronto


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  2. Newel KT, Burma JS, Carere J, Kennedy CM, Smirl JD. (2022). Does oscillation size matter? Impact of added resistance on the cerebral pressure-flow relationship. Physiological Reports. doi: 10.14814/phy2.15278
  3. Burma JS, Wassmuth RM, Kennedy CM, Miutz LN, Newel KT, Carere J, Smirl JD. Does task complexity impact the neurovascular coupling response similarly between males and females? Physiological Reports (2021).



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