Heather Shepherd

PhD Student

Heather Shepherd

Heather is a PhD candidate in the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Emery. Heather completed both her BScH in psychology and her MSc in occupational therapy at Queen’s University and she is currently a registered occupational therapist. Heather’s area of research aims to understand and support middle and high school students’ return to school following a concussion. Heather partners with students and educators to develop return to school supports that are relevant and practical to implement. Her interest stemmed from her own experience with concussion, in addition to her clinical work as an occupational therapist.

Heather enjoys coaching power wheelchair hockey, hiking, canoeing, and reading. Also, she is passionate about promoting mental health and wellness.

Awards and Distinctions

2022 Graduate College Scholar

2021 The Jean Royce Fellowship

2021 Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute Graduate Scholarship

2021 Faculty of Kinesiology Leadership Award

2021 Faculty of Kinesiology Publication Award

2021 Graduate College Scholar

2021 Scholar Award, Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium

2021 Faculty of Kinesiology Presentation Award

2020 Alberta Graduate Student Travel Award

2018 Vi Riddell Paediatric Rehabilitation Research Program

2014 Distinction

2013 Robert Tyre Jones Jr. Scholarship



Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre 
University of Calgary 
2500 University Drive NW 
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4