Carla van den Berg

Knowledge Broker

Carla van den Berg

Carla is a Knowledge Broker with the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary. She is a CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist, and works to deliver neuromuscular training warm-up programs to prevent lower extremity injuries in youth. She supports a number of research studies in both schools and youth sport. She has a research background in sport injury, health and fitness in youth through an MSc Kinesiology with the Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre and Doyle-Baker Research Labs at the University of Calgary, and through her BSc Human Kinetics at St. Francis Xavier University. She also has training in biostatistics and research methods. Outside of the lab, Carla leads recreational fitness classes for youth in the community, and enjoys playing soccer and hockey, hiking, camping, and travelling.

Awards and Distinctions

2015 Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship (AGSS)

2015 Faculty of Kinesiology Presentation Award

2014 Faculty of Graduate Studies Travel Award

2013-2015 Graduate Assistantship (Teaching), Fall/Winter, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

2014 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate (Master’s) Scholarship

2014 Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship

2013 St.FX President’s Circle of Young Alumni


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  2. van den Berg C, Kolen A. Children in organized hockey: How much physical activity do they really get? International Journal of Exercise Science,  8(2): 184-191, 2015





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