About Us

The Office of the Registrar provides service and expertise to students, staff across the University of Calgary and to external stakeholders.

There are ten units within the Office of the Registrar:


Curriculum & Scheduling


Enrolment Services

Exams & Grades

Financial Aid

Systems & Reporting

Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Awards

Undergraduate Student Recruitment

Leadership and Management Team

  1. Angelique Saweczko


  2. Vanessa Wood

    Deputy Registrar, Enrolment Services

  3. Jennifer de Roaldes

    Associate Registrar, Admissions and Recruitment

  4. Steven McLaughlin

    Associate Registrar Systems and Planning

  1. Steven Kelly

    Assistant Registrar, Student Recruitment & Applicant Relations

  2. Jolene Maude

    Assistant Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions

  3. Tanner Ashton

    Applicant Services Manager, Admissions

  4. Alison Farrell

    Coordinator, Alberta Recruitment & Events

  1. Nicole Hutchuk

    Administrative Coordinator

  1. Michelle L MacKenzie

    Assistant Registrar, Enrolment Services

  2. Joel May

    Manager, Undergraduate Awards

  3. Courtenay Smart

    Manager, External Exam Centre

  1. Jeff Lee

    Assistant Registrar, Planning & Systems

  2. Michael Jones

    Manager, Scheduling & Curriculum