Michael Roumeliotis

Medical Physicist, FCCPM

Division of Medical Physics

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

B.Eng. (Engineering Physics)

McMaster University, 2005

Ph.D. (Medical Biophysics)

Western University, 2011

CAMPEP Residency

The Ottawa Hospital, 2014

Contact information

Research and Teaching

Research Interests

  • Brachytherapy
  • Accelerated partial breast irradiation
  • Medical education & technology enhanced simulation
  • Machine learning & patient outcomes in radiotherapy


Co-investigator ($422,125): Alberta Cancer Foundation (2020-2023), "Early detection of breast cancer recurrence with a fast and low-cost imaging technique"

Principal Investigator ($25,000): Oncology Research Office, University of Calgary (2019-2020), “Cost effectiveness of gynecologic brachytherapy”.

Co-investigator ($515,000): Alberta Cancer Foundation (2019-2022), “Innovation, knowledge generation and enhanced techniques: the next stage of brachytherapy practice in Calgary”.

Lead medical physicist & co-investigator ($150,000): Investigator Initiated Interventional Study, Alberta Cancer Foundation (2016-2020), “Accelerated partial breast irradiation using five daily fractions: A single arm, phase II, prospective cohort study to examined cosmetic outcomes and toxicity (the ACCEL trial)”

Current Students:

Amy Frederick (Ph.D. candidate)
Devin van Elburg (Ph.D. student)
Kailyn Stenhouse (M.Sc. student)

Past Students:

Tiana Trumpour (B.Sc. Thesis)
Luc Hudon (Undergraduate Summer Student)


(2018 - 2020): 

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