Charles Kirkby

Medical Physicist, FCCPM

Jack Ady Cancer Centre Division of Medical Physics

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Oncology

B.Sc. Honours Physics

McMaster University

M.Sc. Physics

University of Alberta

Ph.D. Medical Physics

University of Alberta

Contact information


Lead Instructor for MDPH637: Anatomy and Statistics for Medical Physicists

Research and Teaching


  • Dose enhancement using gold nanoparticles
  • Use of machine learning to enhance radiation therapy
  • Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
  • Dosimetry in the presence of magnetic fields
  • Radiation-induced bystander effects and predictions of biological response to radiation


Current Students

Lingyue Sun (PhD)


Past Students

Steven Nich (MSc 2019)
Lingyue Sun (MSc 2018)
Brandon Koger (PhD 2017)
Michael Balderson (PhD 2015)


Recent Publications

  1.    L. Sun, W. Smith, C. Kirkby, “Variation in inter-institutional plan quality when adopting a hypofractionated protocol for prostate cancer external beam radiation therapy,” Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys (in press)
  2.    S. Weppler, C. Schinkel, C. Kirkby, W. Smith, “Data clustering to select clinically-relevant test cases for algorithm benchmarking and characterization,” Phys Med Biol, 65 (5) (2020)
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  4.    S. Nich, C. Kirkby, J.E. Villarreal-Barajas, “Monte Carlo study of the relationship between skin dose and optically stimulated luminescence dosimeter dose in Pd-103 permanent breast seed implant brachytherapy,” Brachytherapy, 18 (4), 387-395 (2019)  
  5.    Y. Poirier, C.D. Johnstone, C. Kirkby, “The potential impact of ultrathin filter design on dosimetry and relative biological effectiveness in modern image-guided small animal irradiators,” Br J Radiol, 92 (1095) (2018)
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    [Editor’s Choice, Medical Physics Web, Oct. 23, 2017]
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