Lily Rosenberg

Lily Rosenberg, "Strong," 2021. Digital Photomontage.

After reading the stories of Jewish Canadian servicewomen, Rosenberg was most impressed by their strength. These young Jewish women, who could have stayed safely with their families in their communities, chose to leave their homes and enter an unfamiliar world. Some faced antisemitism and sexism while stationed in Canada. Others risked death when stationed close to the front. In this 1945 image, Bessie Fagin, Estelle Tritt and Rose Novick, three Jewish Nursing Sisters serving in the Royal Canadian Army, stand in front of a field nursing station in Holland. They smile, they are relaxed, but they are strong and ready for whatever they need to face in service for their country.

Born in Bulgaria, Lily Rosenberg was raised and educated in Israel attending the Tel Aviv College of Art.  Beginning her career as an illustrator and graphic artist, for the last quarter of a century Lily has focussed on watercolour painting.

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