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UCalgary Global Online Exchange

UCalgary Global Online: UGo Exchange!

Virtual exchange opportunities for international students


Travel is no longer required to have a global learning experience - do your exchange online at UCalgary!

We invite you to study with us from home through the UGo Exchange program and join local UCalgary students in the virtual classroom for interactive & cross-cultural learning. UCalgary offers unique course options that can expand your academic experience alongside courses at your home university. As a virtual exchange student, you will be provided with support for learning and opportunities to connect with fellow participants from around the world! 

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Program Details

Fall 2020: September to December 

Winter 2021: January to April

  • Credit Transfer: When selecting courses, it is important that you discuss the possibility of credit transfer with your home university exchange coordinator. 

  • Number of Courses: You can register in 1 - 5 courses. Please discuss with your home exchange coordinator for advice on balancing UCalgary courses with your home university courses. 

  • Teaching Methods: While many courses will be offered through primarily online teaching methods, some courses may teach synchronously (students and instructors learn at the same time) while others teach asynchronously (students complete coursework when they choose). When selecting courses, consider the time difference between your home location and Calgary to ensure that you can commit to the course requirements (if offered synchronously). Faculties will make public announcements regarding teaching methods by the end of June. 

  • Registration Limitations: Course registrations will depend on the capacity of each course and the department’s approval of your prerequisite study (if applicable). 

  • Course Selections: Use the class search linked below. Make sure you search for the appropriate semester and for classes that are "open" (space available). We recommend that you use the Additional Search Criteria and select "Web-Based Instruction" (found under "Mode of Instruction") as this will show all classes confirmed to be taught online. Some classes may require live attendance at Zoom lectures. 

  • Pre-Approved Courses: The Faculty of Science has identified the following courses as suitable for incoming online exchange students: Geology 301, Geology 475, Geology 597, Geophysics 419, Geophysics 547, Geophysics 551, Geophysics 557

  • At the end of the semester, you will receive an official University of Calgary transcript with your grades and credits received. You can request your transcript be sent to your home institution exchange coordinator for assessment of transfer credit to your home degree. 
  • Like exchange students who study on UCalgary campus, you will be charged tuition by your home institution.
  • Student fees, including UPass transit pass and Campus Recreation fees, will be waived (pending approval).
  • You will be part of a cohort of international exchange students from around the world. Throughout the semester, we will provide a variety of online interactive activities to help you connect with each other, with UCalgary and more!
  • As a UCalgary student, you will also have access to virtual services offered by the Student Success Centre, Faith & Spirituality Centre, Writing Symbols Lodge, Q-Centre and more. 

To nominate a new student or a previously nominated student, please contact us directly for further details:


  • You must be a current student of a post-secondary institution with an official exchange agreement with UCalgary.
  • You must be nominated by your exchange coordinator. 
  • You must meet UCalgary’s English Language Proficiency requirements. 


  • Previous exchange applicants (2020/2021) do not need to create a new application. 

  • New exchange applicants will complete an online application, provide a transcript, and proof of English Language Proficiency (if applicable).

  • Email for instructions. 



November 15, 2020: New applicants must notify us of interest 


November 30, 2020: Previous exchange applicants must notify us of interest