UCalgary Global Online Exchange

UCalgary Global Online: UGo Exchange!

Virtual exchange opportunities for UCalgary students

The UGo Exchange program allows UCalgary students to study online at partner universities around the world. As a virtual exchange student, you will be able to choose from your host university's selection of online courses, participate in virtual events, and remotely interact with the local community.

You will also become a member of UCalgary's Global Online cohort, engaging with other UCalgary students attending UGo programs as well as international students from partner universities attending UCalgary on their own virtual programs. This cohort is invited to a range of events hosted by UCalgary such as intercultural competency training, professional development, and social opportunities. You can receive co-curricular credit for participation in the UGo cohort. 

The main difference is that virtual exchanges do not include physical travel to another country. (As long as UCalgary travel restrictions remain in place, travel is not permitted.) There will still be opportunities for you to connect with local students, professors, etc. at your host university through online platforms. 

You will not have to pay for travel insurance, student visas, or any other travel-related expenses. As a virtual exchange student, the only cost is your tuition, which will be paid to UCalgary at your normal tuition rate. You also remain eligible for all of your usual awards & scholarships. 

Virtual exchanges are only available through select UCalgary partner universities who offer this unique opportunity. These universities are listed below. The UCalgary Study Abroad advisors will add more universities to this list if any others become available for virtual exchanges.

It is also possible to do 2 or more virtual exchanges simultaneously, "mixing and matching" courses from multiple universities!

If you are a student who was previously nominated to a standard exchange program in the 2020/21 year, and your host university is not on this list, we encourage you to reach out to your exchange advisor to check whether you can complete your exchange virtually.

Please check the program page before applying and ensure that you meet all eligibility and application requirements. You can then fill out the online application for your desired program. 

In the "Course List" section of the application, please indicate whether you are seeking individual courses or a full semester courseload. Some universities may already publish a listing of their offered online courses, while others may not announce which courses they will offer until closer to the start of the semester. We encourage having some flexibility or back-up courses in mind.

Note: Reference letters are not required to apply for UGo exchange programs.

UGo Exchange Programs for Fall 2021

Emha/Manuel Heinrich - Zeughaus JLU

Deadline passed

JLU Giessen

This is a permanent UGo partner! Choose from over 70 online courses taught in English, German, Croatian, Spanish or Russian in all faculties. If you are interested in learning German, they have an exclusive course for beginners students. The semester dates are from mid October 2021 - Feb 2022 (Fall 2021) and April - July 2022 (Winter 2022).

Pixabay - Kanenori

Deadline passed

Kansai Gaidai University

Take 1-2 courses online this fall in areas such as Japanese Language, Asian Studies (Literature, Religion, History, Art, Media & Communications, Anthropology/Sociology, International Relations, Economics and Business) August 30-Dec 18, 2021


Deadline passed

Kwansei Gakuin University

Courses in Japanese language and Japan content courses in a number of areas including art & culture, business, linguistics, Poli Sci/IR and society are offered. There is also a buddy program to be paired with a KGU student. The program starts Sept 1 but classes start Sept 21 and run to January 21. 2022.

UGo Exchange Programs for Winter 2022

view of Perth harbour

Deadline: November 28

University of Western Australia

Take 1-4 courses online from UWA! Located in Perth, UWA is one of the highest-ranked universities in Australia. They offer online courses in a range of subjects across the arts, sciences, and business. The semester runs from mid-February to late June (exact dates TBD).

Newcastle beach

Deadline: October 28 or November 11

University of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle offers 2 online study options. Schulich students can do a winter semester exchange (February-June) and take 1-4 online engineering courses; deadline to apply Oct 28. Students in any faculty can do the Take1 program in any semester and take 1 online course plus cultural immersion activities; deadline to apply Nov 11. Please see the webpage for full details!

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More coming soon!

Check back for updates on participating partner universities.

Are you interested in doing a virtual exchange program?

View program page

The program page provides more details about your prospective host university, including important information such as available course subjects, language of instruction, and eligibility criteria. UGo-specific information is found at the bottom of the "Program details" drop-down menu. 

Contact the Study Abroad advisor

Please contact study.abroad@ucalgary.ca (or the specific advisor, which you can find listed on each program page) to let us know that you are interested in applying. Space may be limited on some programs, so it is best to reach out early!

Submit your online application

When filling out your online application, please write in the "Course List" section that you are applying for a virtual exchange, and whether you are seeking individual courses or a full semester courseload. This will help us properly evaluate your application. 

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Past UGo Exchange Programs

Please note that the deadlines for these programs have all passed.
However, we expect some of these universities may offer virtual exchanges again in future semesters!


Deadline passed

EU Rotterdam (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)

Take courses online this fall at Erasmus University Rotterdam's School of History, Culture and Communication (media & communications; history & arts). 6 ECTS transfer back as 1 UCalgary course (3 units). The fall semester runs from late Aug. to mid-Jan. but can be competed in December. Many courses in English, GPA requirement 2.7. It is possible to combine online courses at EU Rotterdam with courses at UCalgary.

buenos aires

Deadline passed

Universidad del Salvador

Virtual exchange students USAL must take 4 courses. Course instruction is available in both Spanish & English (poli sci and literature) Intermediate and advanced Spanish language courses available to support your language learning.*first year students eligible to apply!


Deadline passed

Tec de Monterrey

Students can take between 1-5 courses virtually in a wide range of areas of study including business, design, comp sci, econ, engineering, and poli sci/IR all in English. Spanish taught courses and Spanish language also available.

boat in Kowloon harbour

Deadline passed

CUHK International Summer School

Study online with one of the top universities in Hong Kong! This 3-week session in August offers an intensive Mandarin language program, which will earn you credit for 2 UCalgary courses. CUHK also hosts virtual cultural immersion activities throughout the summer.

Munich biking

Deadline passed

LMU Munich Summer Online

Join an online European Studies program at LMU, Germany's #1 university! Running from July 5-23, 2021, "Crisis and Power Shifts inside and outside of Europe" includes interactive lectures, debates, and group projects. It offers 6 ECTS (equivalent to 1 UCalgary course - 3 units) and a German language course for beginners is offered before the start of the program.


Deadline passed

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Online Summer Program

This non-credit bearing program is free for UCalgary students! Explore entrepreneurship from a Chinese perspective specifically on the topic of digital economy, offered by Zhejiang University. June 17-July 2. Most program elements are pre-recorded, limiting time zone issues.


Deadline passed

Fudan Unversity Summer Program

Scholarships for students with North American passports are available! Choose from courses in Society and Politics, Law, Business & Economy, Science & Technology, History & Culture or Chinese Language. July 12- Aug 6, 2021

Exeter quay

Deadline passed

Exeter International Summer School

Choose 1-2 courses from 10 offerings this summer during the program dates July 5-16, 2021.

Berlin skyline

Deadline passed

TU Berlin Summer School

Join the TU Berlin Online Summer School and take courses like Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Desalination and Renewable Energies, Startup Crash Course, Space Mission Design, Foundations of Sustainable Thinking and many more. Three terms are offered over July and August. Students can get credit for 1-2 UCalgary courses.