UCalgary webinars with researchers and experts that focus on topics we can use during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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NFTs: The 21st-century gold rush

NFTs: The 21st-century gold rush

Let’s talk about non-fungible tokens, the latest application of the blockchain to go mainstream.  

A term in reflection webinar with Chancellor Yedlin and Naheed Nenshi

A term in reflection

Chancellor Deborah Yedlin’s term comes to an end on June 30, and she has invited former mayor and UCalgary alumnus Naheed Nenshi, BComm’93, to join her.  


Unpacking Vaccination Opposition

What’s changed to create this vaccination opposition? Loss of trust in experts? Increase in misinformation? Conspiracy theories being presented as fact? People picking and choosing their facts? In this webinar, we ask experts: what’s causing this societal shift?

Let’s get real: Shifting housing trends in Canada

Let’s get real: Shifting housing trends in Canada

Join the panellists as they discuss Canada's housing bubble, including the rising cost of housing, why investors are surpassing homeowners and how Alberta is attracting and maintaining residents through it all. 

New mayor, new year, new vision

New mayor, new year, new vision

Join Chancellor Deborah Yedlin as she speaks with Mayor Jyoti Gondek about her vision for Calgary and what she hopes to achieve in the next four years.

The Road to Net-Zero

The Road to Net-Zero

Join these experts as they discuss energy transition, and what we need to start making the transition substantial enough to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

What's happening in Alberta

What's happening in Alberta

Join UCalgary in a webinar moderated by Chancellor Deborah Yedlin with an expert-led panel to discuss employment in Alberta and ways we can retain our workforce.

Engineering Thriving Cities

Engineering Thriving Cities

The world is facing an existential crisis: climate change. Join this inspiring conversation spotlighting future-forward research and design.

Collaborating on Climate Action

Collaborating on Climate Action

Working together to accelerate action in tackling the climate crisis is the way forward. Collaboration is no longer optional - it is imperative.

Building a Better Calgary

Building a Better Calgary

Discuss Calgary’s evolution and discover how the city and UCalgary are partnering to build a better Calgary for us all.

The Athlete’s Return to Sport Post-COVID-19

The Athlete’s Return to Sport Post-COVID-19

With the return of varsity sports and international competition, what should we expect from athletes? Has isolation taken a toll on performance, or will improved resilience push athletes to new heights.

Becoming Public: the History of Surveillance

Lecture of Lifetime 2021 is about espionage, communications intelligence, and their impact on national security and personal privacy.

Dr. John Ferris, PhD

The Politics of Cyber Security and Surveillance — a Q&A

Dr. Ferris returns for Q&A-only session to discuss cyber security, surveillance and politics after time ran out at Lecture of a Lifetime.

Reconnecting with the food on your table

Join us to discuss how the agriculture industry is evolving to match an ever-growing population and bridging the rural-urban divide through community outreach and education.  

Revolutionizing agriculture: Tech, policy and the economy

Explore the ground-breaking technology, policy reform and research that is innovating the agriculture sector.

Innovating for social impact

Learn how UCalgary and community partners are making an impact in the social sector.

The Power of Stories to Shape a COVID Recovery

Explore how the power of stories and language can help shape the feeling of belonging and create a better recovery.


Ask Dr. Dobson: Mental health Q&A

Ask psychologist Dr. Keith Dobson your mental health questions during this special Q & A webinar to help you through the holidays.


Nurturing Empathy in Uncertain Times

Explore how parents and educators can help grow empathy in children in digital environments and uncertain times. 

Truth vs. civility online: Fact, fiction and funny

Join us to discuss the pursuit of truth through respectful disagreement with Timothy Caulfield and Andfrew Phung.


Child health and wellness

Experts discuss the factors influencing child health & wellness & explore results from a 10-year study following a cohort of children from pregnancy onwards.


ii’ taa’poh’to’p journey update

Celebrate and contemplate our journey towards transformation, as we mark the third year of UCalgary’s Indigenous Strategy.

Innovating energy for Alberta’s future

Join sustainable energy experts from UCalgary and Shell Canada to explore the innovative technologies fuelling change in Alberta’s energy system.


Multilateralism — Canada’s role in the world

Jean Charest & Dru Marshall discuss the power of difference to help organizations secure peace and prosperity for future generations.

Accelerating economic recovery and growth

Explore how we can help bridge the gap from the lab to the market and transform research and scientific discovery into new business ventures that stimulate economic activity.


Integrative thinking in business

Explore how combining opposing ideas can lead to truly innovative ways of thinking and doing. Integrative thinking reveals inspiration in difference, by leveraging diversity towards greater success in business. 


Disease emergence in our modern world

Microbiologists and epidemiologists on the One Health approach & the impacts of intersecting people, animals & the environment on our health. 


Managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19 transitions

Psychologist Dr. Keith Dobson shares tips for managing stress and anxiety as we return to work and school routines this fall.


Exploring LGBTQ2S+ inclusion

Expert panelists discuss their personal experiences and their work to increase LGBTQ2S+ Inclusion in faith and healthcare. 

Supporting your family

Experts discuss family stressors during the pandemic & offer tips to foster healthy, supportive relationships and manage the return to school.


Canadian agriculture roots: A look at the last 140 years

Take a journey with us as we get back to our roots. What was Canadian agriculture like and how has it changed over the past 140 years? You will also enjoy a Bannock cooking demonstration. 


Up close and personal with Stampede horses 

Hear about the research and scientific expertise that goes into caring for horses at the Stampede, as well as personal stories about what these magnificent animals are capable of — and how. 


Virtual reverse trade show: rapid solutions for COVID-19 in continuing care 

COVID-19 has hit continuing care facilities hard. A (virtual) Reverse Trade Show on July 7 aimed to identify rapid technical solutions to help prepare continuing care for the next wave and future. 

Webinar: Sustainable finance in a post-pandemic world

Prior to COVID-19, green investment was accelerating, but how will the trend change now? Three expert panelists will debate and discuss the current state and future possibilities of sustainable finance. Video coming soon. 


Webinar: Grains - Essential and Sustainable, Looking Forward

The grain industry will be a strong part of Canada’s economic recovery and it can help the world manage GHG emissions and develop sustainable practices, while meeting global market demand for grains. July 22, 11 a.m - noon MT


KE Conversations: Moving services and events from in-person to online

Join Laura Whitton, Program & Community Development Specialist at the Hunter Hub, for a discussion about what makes virtual engagement different from in-person interactions and how we can humanize these digital experiences. This online event is part of a series of conversations hosted by the Knowledge Engagement (KE) team in Research Services.


Campfire Chats

How have Indigenous communities navigated the COVID-19 crisis, and how can we use Indigenous ways of knowing to move forward together with strength and hope? Join us for Campfire Chats to honour National Indigenous Peoples Day. 


Webinar: Senior care – What needs to change?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated, long-term care settings and older adults have been particularly affected. Dr. Lorraine Venturato, PhD, discusses pre-pandemic long-term care, explores why this sector has been hit so hard, and considers the future of long-term care post-COVID-19


Webinar: Anatomy of a pandemic - Policy implications of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has policy implications that will affect Canadians well into the future. Learn about changes to health care policy, and how this crisis is impacting youth with disabilities. 


KE Conversations: Offering support for COVID-19 related grief and loss

How has COVID-19 changed our understandings of grief? In addition to grieving the loss of loved ones during these difficult times, we are also experiencing the loss of social activities and major milestones as a result of social distancing measures. Join the Knowledge Engagement (KE) team and Dr. Heather Boynton, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, for a candid conversation around grief and loss in the age of COVID-19. Video coming soon.


Webinar: Anatomy of a Pandemic - COVID-19 and the Internet | hoaxes, misinformation and fake news

At the Anatomy of a Pandemic digital forum on June 11, Drs. Cheryl Peters, PhD, Christen Rachul, PhD, and Gordon Pennycook, PhD, will discuss the phenomena of hoaxes, misinformation and fake news circulating on the Internet, and what it means for the pandemic response. Video coming soon.

Webinar: Anatomy of a Pandemic - How COVID-19 is Impacting Children's Health and Mental Wellbeing

Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting younger generations, and learn strategies to support kids and youth during this crisis during an Anatomy of a Pandemic digital forum.

Webinar: Managing ADHD during isolation

Our experts share resources for parents of children with ADHD, as well as for adults with ADHD, including tools and tips for home-schooling, navigating emotions, staying focused, managing distractions and setting boundaries for daily life while working from home

Webinar: Business as (Un)usual – The Economic Impact of COVID-19 

Join industry leaders and members of the Premier’s Economic Recovery Council Jack Mintz and Mac Van Wielingen, LLD'14,  for this Idea Exchange webinar about the local and global impacts of COVID-19 on our economy. Video coming soon.

Idea Exchange webinar: Public Health Lessons of COVID-19

Public health systems are adapting to the changing landscape of COVID-19 through research, treatment, planning and response. Join President McCauley and a panel of experts for a discussion on the public health lessons we have learned so far. 

Webinar: Canada’s energy transition

What does Canada’s energy sector look like in the era of cheap oil, how can it continue to compete, and what is the role of universities in fostering innovation for Canada’s energy future? Our expert weighs in.

Enbridge Research in Action webinar: Adjusting to post-COVID-19 reality

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the survival and longevity of almost every business across the western world. Learn how your company can find its place in this new world. 

Webinar: The elusive pandemic peak

We talk to two experts in infectious disease about why the COVID-19 peak may take longer than projected, why the infection rate is still growing, and what a return to normal — whatever that may be — might look like


Webinar: Anatomy of a pandemic - planning, response, & the human toll

This digital forum will provide a first-hand account of how the health care system is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic from physicians on the front-lines. 

Webinar: Giving when it matters most

We talk to two community leaders about the innovative ways they're lending a hand during the coronavirus pandemic — both to frontline health-care workers and to people who've been hit hard by prevention measures.

Webinar: Anatomy of a pandemic - Current status of the COVID-19 emergency

Explore the current status of COVID-19 with respect to its biology, its transmissibility, and the public health measures needed to flatten the curve. It also touched on the future, long-term consequences of this global pandemic on public health and health systems. Featuring presenters Dr. John Conly and Dr. Richelle Schindler.

Webinar: Could a drug originally used as a treatment for malaria prove to be a treatment for COVID-19?

Dr. Luanne Metz, MD, and Dr. Michael Hill, MD, discuss the exploration of a possible treatment for COVID-19 via a clinical trial, targeting people who have tested positive for the virus and are at highest risk of developing a severe illness. 


Webinar: Keys to Getting Through it All

Registered psychologist Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, PhD, discusses how mindfulness and self-compassion are more important than ever as people find themselves managing impossible situations. 

Webinar: Mental wellness: Coping through the crisis 

Many of us are experiencing increased anxiety, fear and stress related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this webinar, UCalgary’s Dr. Keith Dobson will share expert advice on coping and thriving during this challenging time.

Webinar: COVID-19 Questions and answers

If you missed the webinar, The faces of COVID-19, or want more, watch the sequel. Our scholars are back in another on-demand event to address your most pressing questions on the truth about the virus. 


Webinar: Keeping a grip on fitness

With gyms and parks closed, how do we maintain our physical health? Dr. Patricia Doyle-Baker reviews the key attributes of fitness and how to stay strong while keeping your distance. 


Webinar: Parenting in a time of physical distancing

Our scholars discuss strategies for promoting parent and child well-being during COVID-19. Watch the on-demand webinar for expert tips to recognize stress, manage routines and balance daily activities. 

Webinar: Tips for parents during school closures

With schools closed, parents are challenged to facilitate children’s continued learning at home while balancing family health and well-being. Hear advice from a UCalgary teaching and learning expert. 


Webinar: The faces of COVID-19

Our scholars discuss the truth about viruses and address pressing questions about COVID-19, including its origins, implications for other viruses, public health measures being taken, and why the global impact is so big. 

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