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Become a UCalgary Senator

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

Applications for 2023 are now closed. These positions are open to members of the public in the metropolitan board catchment area. Terms are three-years long, renewable once. The next application cycle will open in early 2024.

If you are a current UCalgary faculty or staff member who is interested in becoming a senator, please reach out to senate@ucalgary.ca to find out how you can get involved.


What does it mean to be a UCalgary Senator?

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Drive community connections

UCalgary Senators are connectors and ambassadors who deepen our relationship with our city and elevate our achievements in our community. A great university is at the heart of all great cities, and as a Senator you can help tell our story.

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Promote research and innovation

As a UCalgary Senator, you’ll be an ambassador for one of Canada’s top research institutions. Use your passion for learning and discovery to impact the future of education.

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Advocate and Influence

Senators also play a pivotal role in creating thoughtful dialogue on campus and in the community. Working together with UCalgary leadership, Senators can use their voice to support and advance UCalgary’s strategic direction.

Start your journey

The application process to become a UCalgary Senator is open to all. Apply to become a Senator and inspire the next generation of leaders in our community. Applicants are encouraged to read the Senate Frequently Asked Questions, bylaws and the UCalgary Indigenous Strategy.

Please email senate@ucalgary.ca with any questions. 

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Applications for 2023 are now closed

The next application cycle will open in early 2024.

Applicants are asked to complete the following: 

  1. The application form.
  2. A one-page expression of interest, including why you are applying to Senate, the specific skills you possess that would be of value to Senate, your connection to the University of Calgary, your connection to the local community and experience related to the work of Senate. 
  3. A resume or CV.

If you are having challenges applying, reach out to senate@ucalgary.ca

About the Senate

The University of Calgary Senate creates a bridge between the University and the wider community. Its purpose is to represent the public interest; promote the university on local, national and international levels; foster student engagement; and promote and recognize excellence. It does this through regular meetings, standing committee work, holding special events, and by providing a contact point for all stakeholders to communicate with the university.

To ensure inclusion and representation of Indigenous peoples on Senate, Senate is committed to transformation and creating ethical space and parallel paths, as expressed in UCalgary’s Indigenous Strategy. Read more about Transforming Ways of Being and the ii' taa'poh'to'p recommendations here.

The Senate is comprised of 62 diverse members including representatives of the general public, alumni, students, educators and academics. The University of Calgary Chancellor chairs the Senate.